Christopher Hill


Chris is an award-winning professional flautist and multi-instrumentalist based in Birmingham, UK.


Chris teaches a number of instruments, as well as offering vocal coaching. He also is passionate to share his love of music theory and academia, coaching for taking theory exams as well as tutoring for GCSE and A level. Leaning into his research into music pedagogy, he gives talks and lectures on all manner of musical topics.


A PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham, Chris researches in a variety of academic music topics, including performance pedagogy and ludomusicology.


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Lecture Recital — Pan as Flute God

February 28, 2024

Alongside Robin Bowman on piano, this lecture recital will explore the connection between the flute and Pan, the Ancient Greek god of the wild.

Pan is everywhere in flute music. The Ancient Greek god of the wilderness holds a persistent presence over the instrument's repertoire doubtlessly in no small part due to Debussy's work for the flute. Published as Syrinx, although originally titled La Flûte de Pan, the piece is a staple of modern flute repertoire, and is often credited as having single-handedly revised the unaccompanied flute solo as a form; the only work frequently played today in that style of anywhere near Syrinx's notoriety being Bach's Partita in A minor. Its reputation is, as can be seen, suitably mythological for its subject matter.

However, the literary context for Debussy's piece has generally been misunderstood. Commonly cited as telling the story of the death of the nymph Syrinx and subsequent transformation into a set of playing pipes by Pan himself, the mythological backdrop to this piece is far less clear than commonly told. Nonetheless, the impact of this work has doubtless left an enduring impact on the interest of writers for the flute in the story and mythology of Pan.

One might imagine, however, that there must be reason beyond the popularity of Syrinx for the sheer amount of music dedicated to the depiction of Pan since the early 20th-century. Pan is a nature deity, but also one inherently bound to music through the symbol of the pipes named after him. Exploring Pan's mythology and mythography through discussion and performance of key works in this body of music will seek to shed light on the relationship between Pan and the flute, and how that relationship has been interpreted by composers of the last century.

Lunchtime Concert at Bournville Quaker Meeting House

November 17, 2023

Chris and Amy return to friends at the Bournville Quaker Meeting House for the return of their lunchtime concert series, performing a range of late Romantic, 20th C., and modern repertoire.

Lunchtime Concert at Boston Spa Methodist Church

April 14, 2023

A lunchtime concert of romantic and contemporary repertoire for flute and piano.